Caytlan koljndrekaj, Agency Director


Bella Teggins, Booker and Scout

  • At the young age of 19, I am determined to work hard in changing the world’s perception on the typical “model look”. Working with Rebel Rebel Talent, I'll aim to find fun, safe jobs with Industry professionals that are excited to work with talented Individuals like our models! I have a high interest in fashion, art and music and spend my free time either op shopping or painting. Keeping these interests and hobbies in mind, I look forward to combining them with my work at Rebel Rebel Talent. My dream is to one day move to Melbourne where I can continue to increase my involvement within the Fashion and Arts industry, whilst hopefully staying involved with Rebel Rebel Talent as it continues to grow. Currently I’m working on gaining more confidence in my work so I can make my visions a reality. I’m very excited to be a part of the team!


Gabrielle Lennon, Booker and scout