Caytlan koljndrekaj, Agency Director / caytlan@rebelrebeltalent.com

Caytlan started Rebel Rebel Talent as a seventeen year old looking for a way to change the industry. Since then, the twenty year old has gone on to work with some of her favourite designers, publications and photographers to build and develop Rebel Rebel Talent. Caytlan manages all talent in Melbourne and Sydney and is heavily involved in the managing process of all models managed by Bella and Gabby. You’ll find Caytlan in the office, or at Metro Arts cafe sipping on an iced cappuccino, typically sorting through emails, invoices and organising the courses and workshops we run.


Bella Teggins, Booker and Scout / bella@rebelrebeltalent.com

At the age of 19, Bella is determined to redefine the world’s perception of the typical “model”. Working with Rebel Rebel Talent, Bella prioritises safety through intense screening of all jobs her models partake in. Bella has immense interest in fashion, art and music and spends her free time either op shopping or painting. Keeping these interests and hobbies in mind, Bella looks forward to collating them through her work at Rebel Rebel Talent. Bella’s goal is to relocate to Melbourne where she can continue to increase her involvement within the Fashion and Arts industry, whilst being involved with Rebel Rebel Talent as the agency continues to grow. Currently Bella is working on gaining more confidence in her work so she can make her visions and goals a reality. 


Gabrielle Lennon, Booker and scout / gabrielle@rebelrebeltalent.com

Gabrielle has a love for creative directing and helping others. Not only is she a booker at Rebel Rebel Talent, she uses her love for mentoring to assist models in their journey within the industry. This in collation with being a qualified counselor has seen Gabby play many roles within the agency. While her title is ‘booker’ we also add the following /agent/scout/agency counselor/creative director/stylist/runway coach to her title. Gabby is currently working closely with the agency in order to grow their men’s department - as she’s passionate about breaking down the stereotypical connotations of a ‘model’ in terms of size, ethnicity and gender.

Samuel Neil, In house photographer /

Sam has been working with Rebel Rebel Talent since we launched in March 2018. Originally a photography intern, Sam’s passion for photography and his evidence of exploration and experimentation throughout his work, saw him recently titled our in house photographer. Sam works in our office every Thursday, and is also available for model portfolio shoots + corporate / acting and modelling head shot sessions in our office. You can check out Sam’s work and book in a studio shoot via his website.