Rebel Rebel Talent put our models first, to ensure their needs and best interests are put ahead of ours ! We want to use this position to assist girls that are signed and unsigned - so everyone can be the best model they can be!

From November 2018 we will be - by appointment only, see below, - providing development opportunities to signed and unsigned models. This will be at our Brisbane office at 109 Edward Street (AKA Metro Arts), in Studio 3.4. We stress that this is NOT a workshop (you can apply for our all access workshops here) and is a personal development session with agency director, Caytlan Koljndrekaj.

What will this session entail?


We will take casting AND swimwear digitals of you. These will be for your own personal use when applying for agencies and/or when creating a comp card. These photographs will be taken at the beginning of the session, we will then go over them and see where you can improve while also establishing the best angles for your face and body.

Overview of your portfolio

IF you have a portfolio, we will ask you to bring this along to the session. This will be to establish what you can add, and what you need to take from your portfolio. Caytlan will also provide you with some photographer suggestions, who would significantly benefit your portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio, not a worry! Caytlan will access your ‘look’ and give suggestions on what styled shoots would best suit you!

Developing your style

Sometimes the best thing to do in finding your style is to completely shake it up! Caytlan will make some suggestions on things you can do to assist in developing your personal style! Having your own signature style in this industry is very important, as is knowing what your style is!

Goal Setting

You will sit down, over a cup of tea or coffee, with Caytlan to discuss your modelling goals. These goals will be short and long term, and Caytlan will put together steps for you to take in achieving these goals. Goal setting is incredibly important in an industry that is always moving forward!

Agency Recommendations

After discussing your personal goals, Caytlan will provide you with some agencies nationally and internationally, that she personally recommends in achieving the set goals you want to achieve. It must be noted that none of the agencies are affiliated with Rebel Rebel Talent, and these are simply a recommendation. Just as they are just a recommendation, there is no guarantee that you will be signed by any of the recommended agencies.

Social Media Strategy

In an industry that is moving digital - your own personal brand is everything. Caytlan will assess your ‘personal brand’ and together create a plan to improve your social media.

These sessions are one hour in length, and are to support and assist in your growth. There is a fee for these sessions, and all funds from them go towards the growth of Rebel Rebel Talent. Caytlan is not paid for the sessions, and takes time out to do them in order to assist in your development and the growth of Rebel Rebel Talent.

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