About Rebel Rebel Talent

Rebel Rebel Talent began as a thought -
'who is representing the everyday girls?'

Founded by Caytlan Koljndrekaj, she firmly believes in the family quality of the agency’s community.

“It’s unbelievable - the difference we are making… I am constantly being surprised at how many girls come through our doors that genuinely don’t believe they’re beautiful…”

Caytlan is an industry photographer who wanted to see a change in agency lists - more diversity when it came to height, measurements and ethnicity. Rebel Rebel Talent does not have restrictions and represents models who are serious about a career in the fashion industry.

Rebel Rebel Talent provides both Female and Male models with the opportunity to pursue a modelling career.

Our models are unique and determined to work hard, with clear industry goals - which is what we look for when scouting.

Rebel Rebel Talent presents models with opportunities to develop their runway, commercial and creative modelling skills - our models are always working with industry professionals and immersing themselves within the fashion industry. 

We believe that everyone has a spark and our job is to help models find it! We encourage our models to be confident in what makes them, them