About Rebel Rebel Talent

Rebel Rebel Talent began as a thought -
'who is representing the everyday girls?'
From then spiraled many sleepless nights to form the community of creatives redefining the fashion industry.

Founder, Caytlan Koljndrekaj, is an industry photographer who wanted to see a change in agency lists - more diversity when it came to height, measurements and ethnicity. Rebel Rebel Talent does not have restrictions and represents models who are serious about a career in the fashion industry. All our models are determined to work hard, with clear industry goals - which is what we look for when scouting.

We provide both Female and Male models with the opportunity to pursue a modelling career, assisting them with their own personal model development evaluations. Rebel Rebel Talent provides models with the opportunity to assess their place within the fashion industry and opportunities to network with internationally published photographers, models, and creatives.

Rebel Rebel Talent presents models with opportunities to develop their runway, commercial and creative modelling skills, by collaborating with industry professionals. 

The Rebel Rebel Talent management team consists of Caytlan Koljndrekaj and a team of passionate, creative driven interns - all with their own unique, modern flares. From years of experience in the fashion industry, Caytlan has made many connections with numerous creatives.

Through joining the Rebel Rebel Talent team, your modelling career could take off - with many of our models walking on runway and being internationally published within months of working with us!

We believe that everyone has a spark and our job is to help models find it! We encourage our models to be confident in what makes them, them