Rebel Rebel Talent began as a thought…
'who is representing the everyday girls?'

ABOUT rebel rebel talent

Since emerging in March 2018, Rebel Rebel Talent has gone on to be recognised as an agency to keep an eye out for. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, we have models placed along coastal Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney.

Rebel Rebel Talent represent a diverse range of models - all with their own unique traits. Rebel Rebel Talent presents models with opportunities to develop their runway, commercial and creative modelling skills in a hands on way.

We pride ourselves on providing our models with one on one feedback, small numbered workshops and opportunities to consistently build and develop their confidence through modelling.

The Rebel Rebel Difference

Rebel Rebel Talent have focus on our models, priority being their health and safety. Our agency has a qualified counselor who works with our models to ensure positivity and self confidence in an industry that can be harsh and self destructing. We encourage our models to open up, talk about their struggles whether personal or modelling, and find solutions to adverse emotions and esteem. You can contact Gabrielle for more information on the counseling sessions we hold, and the significance of talking in an industry kept quiet -

Rebel Rebel Talent does not have restrictions, representing models without labels. We build our models up, rather than tearing them down and focus on establishing and developing models into industry professionals.

Rebel Rebel Talent provides both male and female models with the opportunity to pursue a modelling career. Our models are unique and determined to work hard, with clear industry goals - which is what we look for when scouting.

We believe that everyone has a spark and our job is to help models find it! We encourage our models to be confident in what makes them, them